8 Reasons Your Date Will Love Going to a Pho Restaurant

8 Reasons Your Date Will Love Going to a Pho Restaurant,You’re planning the perfect date night. You want it to be unique but don’t want to spend a fortune. So where do you take your date? A pho restaurant, of course! Now I know you’re thinking, “What? A Vietnamese noodle soup place? That doesn’t sound very romantic.” But trust me, it is.,Here are eight reasons your date will love going to a pho restaurant:,So there you have it—eight reasons why taking your date to a pho restaurant is sure to impress them! From the delicious food to the casual atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at your local pho spot. So next time you plan a date night, think outside the box and take them out for some Vietnamese soup instead!,Toronto Pho is a Vietnamese eatery with 4 locations across Ontario. We are open all day and late night so you can bring your date anytime!